To obtain certification

Hello, I want to obtain the certification, but in CodePen I can only have one project, for financial reasons I can only obtain a free account. I have a project on CodePen and the rest on Can I obtain the certificate under these conditions?

I’m not sure what you mean by codepen being insufficient … I did all my projects (through the JS libraries section) on codepen. You can have a lot of pens.

But yeah, you can split them up. There is nothing wrong with doing them on something like jsfiddle. All that is necessary is providing a link that allows access to the code and working version of the app.

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You can use the free version of CodePen. I know that CodePen has something called “projects”, but for freeCodeCamp projects you only need what CodePen calls “pens”.

But you can also submit jsfiddle links for your projects, as @kevinSmith said.

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