Toast message jQuery plugin

Hello guys!

This is not a FCC project… I know!

Today I developed a “toast” like jQuery plugin for HTML5 projects … Any comments will really be appreciated! I’m going to use this in a mobile app I’m developing!

MyFakeToast on Codepen
MyFakeToast on GitHub


Also… I’m trying to play with this in Codepen, I’m copying all my script content directly into Codepen JS editor, does anyone know a way to add a GitHub plugin in Codepen?

I tried to use the RAW link… but didn’t work…

See u!

You can use RawGit for that. Copy-paste the link of your file there and then use one of the two URLs that will appear down there (you can see the differences from production and development URL yourself).

Cool project, by the way. Good job.

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Tks, it works like a charm!

I already added to my fav list!