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Hello I’m really interested in using freeCodeCamp with my students, but I don’t see any tools for teachers. Am I missing it or do you have additional tools for teachers?

I’d love to have an option to set classes so that I can assign specific assignments and also view and monitor their progress. I have students at different levels and pacing, so it would help me know areas of weakness, so that I can help each as needed.

There are efforts to make special tools for teachers, but they aren’t in production yet.

From the FAQ:

I’m a teacher. Is freeCodeCamp an appropriate resource for my class?

Yes. Many high school, college, and adult ed programs incorporate freeCodeCamp into their coursework. We’re open source, so no license or special permission from us is necessary. We’re even building special tools for teachers.

I appreciate the reply and was hoping that you might at least have a couple of features for teachers.

It looks like development of the teacher tools has stalled.

What kind of functionality would you find useful?

Hi, I know I’m a bit late to this thread, but I’m going to be teaching HTML, CSS, and JavaScript this fall to high school students. I’ve been through all the lessons myself already (except the HTML/CSS projects) and I’d like to share them with my students. Here are some teacher tools I would find valuable:

  1. A way to create a class (or classes) and then assign or invite students into it.
  2. A way to assign specific lessons either individually, to a group of students, or to the whole class, with due dates.
  3. A way to monitor student progress on assigned lessons.
  4. A way to sync student progress with Google Classroom.

That would be a good start. Khan Academy has a lot of this functionality built already, if you’d like to see an example.


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freecodecamp has also the limitation that to comply to privacy laws it can’t store infos of kids below a certain age, so they can’t have an account

also with a really small team, most work will go to the curriculum itself. Khan Academy has some more contributors, for what I have seen.

There is the chance, as freeCodeCamp is open source, that you fork the code repository, add the functionalities you need and the host it yourself

Those are all really good points. You’re right about the size of Khan Academy’s team.

If I do fork the repository and build something, I’ll share it here. But that may not be anytime soon.

If you are interested in contributing to freeCodeCamp, which is how the platform grows, you can find everything about contributing to Free Code Camp in the contributing docs.