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Hi Everyone!

So, it’s like the title says, what are some tools, tips that helped you guys learn and increase your productivity??

As a full-time employee in IT Support, sometimes I just get home completely wrecked and not feeling sitting behind another screen for a few hours.
But I’ll have to force myself and build better habits or a daily plan when to learn/read etc.
I couldn’t really find any good app for it.

Any recommendations are welcome.

I use TickTick for adding daily habits, to-dos. I’m still a beginner but TickTick is pretty effective.

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Personally, I also have two notifications apps, but they do not motivate me. What motivates me more, is the clarity of my goal and the path.
Whitout trying to be intrusive. I would recommend you certain things that could help you:

1.Set a realist schedule, and try to accomplish it every day. (Do not get overwhelmed.)
2.Set Milestones. Even in Project Management you need to mark specific points along a project timeline (to learn coding or complete some projects).
3. Set your final goals (What is the reason of my effort?)
4.Try to see emphasise the benefits of your coding learning, and the disadvantages of the “more enjoyable things”. Remember, those other things do not bring so much benefit in the long term.
5.Practice Mindfulness before any important activity. Get the mind more focused before to start coding.
6.Mantain the process of coding as Fun, and you will be in a win win situation.
7.Get involved in a shared interest group. A forum, a repository, even taking a course per month, in a topic of your interest will help you. You get a feeling that your goals are possible, and also you feel better about what you want to do.
8.Try to interact more with people that share your goals. eg. If you want to learn French, or Japanese, you will want to practice with native speakers, righ?. So… Its something like that.
These things helped me too much,(and still do.)
Hope, (at least) one of these help you.


This is the core thing to focus on overall.

If you get home tired from work, you will have a tough time doing anything, let alone investing into your own learning. There isn’t a secret app that automatically gives you more juice.

Finding a work life balance is important if you want to accomplish your goals. Namely understanding why/how/if you can come home less tired, with more enthusiasm, and with more energy to do what you want, rather than spend all your energy at work, and come home tired. If you can solve this problem, you will have more freedom to figure out how to make the most of your time afterward.

On a more general level, the idea one works all the time to making a living, but ends up home and tired unable to live how they want is an issue with modern human society as a whole, and is more or less the issue at hand here.

At the end of the day, you only have so much energy in the tank, and so many hours in the day. Finding a way to balance it all out is tough, but the only way to make the most of what you have.

Good luck, keep building, keep learning, keep grinding :+1:


I have no schedule set due to life/work but I try to code every day for at least an hour.
I think a lot of people on FCC are in the same boat. Right now I’m just trying to finish JavaScript, get familiar with all of the stuff there and hopefully get to build my own projects.

I remember when I first learned HTML & CSS I was super thrilled to build stuff and troubleshoot it. I’d like to get to the same stage with JavaScript. I don’t really see any of the milestones or goals yet, just trying to get close to building something, and then perhaps I’ll get better idea, I don’t know :smiley:

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Though my main language is Python, not javascript. I will try to give you a structure, you can dedicate some months for every content.
One example of Milestones for learning java script, could be:

  1. Learning how to declare variables, manipulating arrays, loops, concatenating strings and so on.
    Time:6 moths. (you can adjust the time as you please)
  2. Gain proficiency in ES6
  3. Debugging
  4. Data Structures
  5. OOP.
  6. D3
  7. JSON APIs and Ajax.
    As you can see, every milestone could have more elements, but the most important thing is that you have an organized idea of what you want to learn, step by step. So you do not get overwhelmed by the time. Take the time you need to learn.
    I don’t know too much about javascript, nor about your current level, please take this as an example an adapt it to your own requirements. You can also find a more structured format in the FCC curriculum.
    Best of wishes
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Thanks @AndyG & @bradtaniguchi for your kind words :slight_smile:


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