Simple things that might be helpful to you

I am working on developing my skills and my goal is to become a full stack developer. It has not been easy. After a 9 hour shift of work i dont have much free time. When I get back home. I have to choose between working on my JavaScript skills vs chilling, watching youtube and playing video games with my friends. One thing that definitely helped me keep the momentum and motivation is planning the day before going to bed. After I am done with my shift, my first goal is to not waste any time and head home as soon as I can. Second small goal is to take a nice shower 30 minutes after getting home without procrastinating. After the shower have a smack and start coding. The small goals I set up before I start to code might not make sense but it still helps building up the momentum to work on my biggest goal of the day which is to invest 3 hours on my coding skills without any distraction. I admit it don’t always work out sometimes I get a bit side tracked but over all it has made a positive change in how much I code at the end of the day. For the people who are struggling with being regular and self motivation, these small changes might help you out as well.

Btw its a pretty commonly advised but planning not to use social media while you are coding helps out a lot. Also drink plenty of water that helps as well.