Tools to create a computer program/phone app

So i know how to create a web app, using HTML/CSS, JS, JS frameworks, even some python and its ecosystem, Node, etc, but the more and more i get sites ideas, they all shift towards creating computer programs/phone apps instead and im only vaguely aware what tools i actually need to learn to be able to do that? What language is there to create an app interface? Is there something similar to the HTML/CSS standard of web-apps? I assume python would be a good go to create the logic behind.

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What JS frameworks? If you know React, React Native is used to create mobile apps

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ok i didnt know that, its a good idea to check

flutter is the trend I guess

You can create a desktop app with Node and your framework of choice using Electron (this is how Slack and VSCode are created for example). You can create mobile apps with React Native. There are a ton of other ways to do both of these things, but those are the ones that will probably be closest to your experience so far.

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thanks, its relieving to know i dont have to throw JS in order to chase making desktop programs

Undoubtedly you should go for Flutter when it comes to developing an amazing mobile app, Sylvant. Mod edit link removed