Transfer from Codepen to VS Code Not Working

Hi, I am trying to view a project in VS Code. I am super new to all of this. When I cut and paste the code from my codepen into VS Code, the webpage doesn’t display the right way. In Codepen the project was using SCSS. In VS Code, I downloaded a few different SCSS elements but not sure if I need to do anything to activate them or if they are active upon download. In VS Code, do I have to set it up to read scss?


Yes you have to setup SCSS to be able to use it. What you do is transpile the SCSS files into CSS, so the browser can understand it.

Take a look at the VS Code documentation, specifically, the section that explains how to transpile SCSS into CSS.

An easy option is to use the Live Sass Compiler extension.

You have to put the SCSS in a separate file and link to the compiled CSS in the HTML. As an added bonus you also get the Live Server extension installed at the same time because it is a dependency.

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awesome…thanks everyone!

unfortunately, I seem to have missed something. I have installed both Live Sass and Live Server but the page is not displaying the SCSS. I have also linked to the css folder as described in the video…still not working. Just displaying the html.