Transparent buttons

is there a way i can make my buttons and inputs in my forms transparent . I have forgotten how to do so.

maybe the opacity css property?


I think the property you are looking for is background color: transparent; added to the elements you are trying to make transparent. I have written a sample code below and made the whole body a black background to illustrate how transparent input and buttons will look

body{background-color: black; color: white;}
input, button{background-color: transparent; color: white;}

Name<.input type=“text”><.br>


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using background: rgba() or opacity

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Let me try it out and see if it works

you will have to remove all the . i put infront of the tags eg <.html>

i only put them there so it will be visible and not translated as a page by freecodecamp’s editor.


thanks for this usefull content

guess what guys, i figured it out.
in the css, youll subject the class for the inputs with border:none; and outline:none;
check out this pen to get the jist of what i was talking about: