Tribute Page and Survey Form – Appreciate Feedback 😀

Hi everyone! I just finished the first two projects of the Responsive Web Design Course. I really appreciate some feedback :slight_smile:

Tribute Page:

Survey Form:

One of my concerns is about fonts, what are the best practices making the fonts responsive? I used em and vw for big titles.


Nice and clean colors.
Would be nice to see it fullpage

image click me

I personally use rem for font size as default unit and only where needed em. Rem is relative to the root font size and is consistent throughout the entire webpage. Em on the other hand is relative to the font size of the parent element and it can get tricky to manage but sometime is useful hence, I use it only when convenient.

rem vs em

Hi Matteo!
Thank you for the clarification about rem and em, I’ll take in consideration for the next projects.
Also, I verify my email in codepen! :slight_smile:


I like the colors of the tribute page, they are in tune with the paint colors. The colors in the form pare are kind of strange to my eyes, I’m having trouble reading the title and the caption under it.
If you need a source of inspiration for colors to chose from: