Tribute Page & Survey Form - Feedback Please!

Hello there!
I’m a beginner. I recently finished my two projects.
I would really appreciate any feedback from everyone.

Tribute –
Survey –

Thank you in advance!

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First of all, good work! I’m not an expert but I would like to point a few things that I think can be improved.

For your tribute page, you can increase the size of the quote because it should be highlighted. I recommend experimenting with different font families as well, they make a big impact.

For your survey form, which also looks really good, I would recommend you to increase font size on input areas.

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Hi @wisalya.tb !
Nice job! A few suggestions after reviewing:

  • On the survey form, do you notice how the border has two different colors? I came across this myself and learned to set the following in CSS and that fixed it:
input {
    border-style: solid;
  • If you right click and select “inspect” then select a smaller screen, you’ll notice that the pages are not mobile responsive. Everything gets squashed. Consider adding some media queries or using flexbox so that things flow better on a smaller screens.

Good luck! ~HiL

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Thank you for your comments!
I changed the font-family for the quote part, it looks much better.
I also increase the font size for the Survey form.
If you have time please take a look!

I didn’t notice that. Thanks to you, I already fixed it!
I added a media query to both project but I’m not sure is it correct way to do it.
If you have any suggestions, feel free to share. Thank you!

@wisalya.tb Looks so much better! Nice job! On the survey, I would try reducing the padding of your container on smaller screens as well so there isn’t as much scroll.
Cheers, ~HiL

Thank you! I really appreciate your comments.

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