Tribute Page - Asking Feedback

Hi everybody!
I’m trying to learn web development and found that freeCodeCamp is a great resource. It also looks to have a very good community!
It would be great if someone was kind enough to give me some feedback on my first project:

I tried my best with the skills I learned in the “Responsive Web Design” section. Let me know if there are any big mistakes or small improvements I can make.
Thank you in advance and happy coding!

Nice & Cute!

I would make it more semantic using tags figure and figcaption for your image and its text.
Consider incrasing line-height for your texts. They are difficult to read.

Good job!

Thank you very much for your time!
I will correct these and pay more attention in the next projects.

I like the design. :sparkles:
Consider this regarding the Wikipedia link:

Oh right! Thanks a lot! I’ll pay more attention to accessibility.

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