Tribute Page: Border Issue Image as well

Hey guys so I got a lot done of my tribute page done but Im having issues with my border, trying to get the text blow my border. I would really appreciate some help. Ive creating a border and even a double but i still cannot the text inside. Im also having an image issue ive tired to find out to get the path on my mac but my still looks broken and does not show up.

Link your codepen here. So other people can take a look.

Thanks, hope this works

Sorry I don’t really understand your question.
Be specific, what is the problem you are running into???
Which text you wanna put in (which) border???

From looking at your Codepen, you have created a 35px border around the <body> of your page. There won’t be a way to put text outside of the border if it is applied to your <body> element. Create a <div> to house the current content of your page and put a border around that instead. Then create another <div> and use that for housing the text you want below your border:

  <div class="main-content">
    ... all your current content with a border applied to the .main-content class ...
  <div class="text-below-main-content">
  ... text you want below the border ...
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im trying to put the image i got from the internet into the page but i keep getting a broken image. as for the border im trying to make the placement of the footer (outside of the border) like the page we were given to imitate

so i keep the second div still within the body? and that should put it outside of the border?

Yes, the second div should still be within the body, as I showed in the code sample above. Your border would be applied to the first div, not the body. It’s important to note that the body should contain all of the content of your web page. Content cannot/should not exist outside of your <body> tags.

Thanks that helped a lot! I even changed the background of the second div to match the border thank you very much. You just helped me understand even more how useful divs can be!

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