Img with Text in the Border


I’m working on building my Tribute Page and there’s one feature that Quincy put in that I cannot figure out. Under the img he has a line of text. It appears to be in the border but I cannot figure out how. Any ideas?
Quincy’s Tribute:

For now I’ve put it beneath the image but I really like how it looks inside the margin. I’ve tried several different methods but I’m legit stumped. Any help would be awesome!

My Tribute page in the works:

*It’s also totally possible that I’m misunderstanding how Quincy this - because I’m a total noob.

Here’s one way to do it. I’m sure there are several.

So you create a div. (apply styling if you want)
Inside this div, you’ll put the photo, and the photo caption.
Create another div inside and put the photo there. (apply styling to this div and/or the photo)
Create another div inside and put the caption there. (apply styling to this div)
So both the photo and caption divs are inside the outer div.