Tribute to Hayao Miyazaki - Feedback please! (:

I have just finished tribute page challenge. Please, do not hesitate to criticize.

It’s linked here:


Sorry I can’t help you much because I am barely starting out my tribute page, but how did you get the image with its own box/container with the caption underneath it? I can’t seem to figure it out

Hi there! There’s a couple different ways to do this, I think. In this example, drenomi put the image inside a div with the class “thumbnail”. And you can just pop your image element inside there for an automatic border. You can see how that works in this example from w3schools.

drenomi just centered the text, but you can actually nest a div with the class of “caption” inside a thumbnail div, like in this example which includes both captions and buttons for thumbnail images

Alternatively you can put both the image and the caption inside a figure element, which is used to markup a photo in a document. You just pop the image element inside the figure element, and place the caption inside a figcaption tag like in this other example from w3schools.

Hope this helped!

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Great thank you! I will try it out!

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I could not express the idea better myself. :raised_hands: