Tribute Page - Feedback & help

Hey everybody,

First time poster here, I just finished the “tribute page” challenge, I have most of it how I wanted it to look, but could somebody help me get bootstrap thumbnail and caption to work on my image? I have been stuck on this particular piece for a while.

Any other honest feedback is appreciated, this is literally my first rodeo. I admittedly need to clean up some classes in my html (that I didn’t end up using) and some css I commented out as I was experimenting with stuff.


Also, I realize the the random caption staying in the middle of the page. That is part of what I needed help on!


The page looks great to me. Not sure what you’re trying to do with the thumbnail but if you’re using bootstrap you need to use the exact class names they give you.

So try adding img-thumbnail to your image’s classes

I also don’t see a random caption in the middle of the page?

I think you shold use list tag for events, centered text is looks messy.
But it’s your first project don’t be sad ^^

Thanks for the feedback. Do you think that this looks better (with the list not centered)?

Hey! I tried using the img-thumbnail class, and it looks like it added (for lack of a better term) a white border around it, what I was trying to do is add a caption in that white space under the image.

It’s great now! I like the new design ^^

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See the Pen First project by Delbet Toribio (@Toridel) on CodePen.

Looks good! You might want to make “Written and coded by David Vaughan” a hypelink your own page or your Free Code Camp Page.

Will do! I am working on getting my portfolio page set up now. I will make sure to link it when it is ready. Thank you for the feedback!