Complete Newb's Tribute Page


I just completed my tribute page - I went with just trying to replicate the model that was given as I am a complete newb and it helped me to try figure out how Quincy had made his look the way he did.

I’ll work on originality later when I am not preoccupied with “How the hell is that done?!?!”.

I think I got pretty close but the main things I could not work out were:

  1. How to get the picture caption WITHIN the white thumbnail border
  2. How to make the silver div background have rounded corners.

Feedback MUCH appreciated,

Hey @Arthurauthor

Great work on the tribute page, it looks really nice and clean. Everything responds really well except the main image.

This could possibly be fixed by adding the bootstrap .img-responsive class to your img and the surrounding thumbnail, As currently the picture is exceeding the window on smaller window sizes.

To get some nice rounded corners on that silver background simply add the following css to your .silver-background class :

border-radius: 3px;

I also found the caption to be quite tricky, take a look at the code in my Tribute Page which should give you some good hints as to how I achieved it:

this is a great first attempt at the tribute page, well done and I hope this feedback helped :slight_smile:

Thanks heaps
Love your Tribute Page - that’s class - a true hero! :smile:

Thanks very much for the advice, Another little piece of the jigsaw fell into place for me around div’s.
I have been able to do the caption properly now without just copying and pasting your code - I will make sure I use more CSS next time to set up formats now I understand a bit more how it can be utilised,
I thought img-fluid would take the place of img-responsive so deleted it - it that’s just me not really understanding what each class actually does.

Thanks again and I will look our for your projects on the forum.


You’re more than welcome mate,

haha glad you liked it, and good to hear you managed to figure out how the divs and the bootstrap classes work!