Tribute page-First attempt

So, I tried my hand at a tribute page. I’m going to go back and practice by making more, but I would appreciate any feed back that could be given on the one I just finished up. It’s pretty much the same as the example, minus some fiddling around with the Col-*, but I wrote it from scratch. Also, I do have one question regarding the image I have: I can’t figure out how to get the border(The bootstrap block?) of the image to condense so it looks neat, and isn’t just a massive white bubble with a picture in the middle.

Anyway here is the Tribute page I made. Thanks in advance for any feedback!


well done. Picture could be a bit bigger though but it looks like you picked a low res so I see why you went small.

As for the border problem of yours.

EDIT. Looked it up. Was wrong. Fixed. :slight_smile:
Using something like…

.img-responsive.img-center {
  margin: 0 auto;
  display: block;
<!-- yes I created a new class to be more specific. -->

display: block; because img-thumbnail sets display:inline-block which breaks margin: 0 auto;
…hopefully that makes sense lol.

Speaking of code…
.img-responsive, .img-rounded, .img-thumbnail should all be in the image tag, not the div.

<img class="img-center img-responsive img-rounded img-thumbnail" src="" alt=Richard Connell>

All that said… the design is a bit over done. Try to mix it up a little. I did mine on bing.
Incase you need inspiration.
yea I know… I’m too awesome.

Whew that was alot. Not bad for a first attempt! Keep it up! :+1:

Awesome, your code fixed my picture up perfectly. I like your pen by the way. I’ll be sure to study it. That’s what I’ve pretty much been doing. I’ll be adding a bit of variety to my next attempt :slight_smile: