Tribute page. Center image

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I cant figure out for the life of me how to center an image for my tribute page… I am stuck…
Can anyone please help me?
This is my code.


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Rocker - Leyend

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I was missing a semicolon on the image but the issue is still the same… dont know how to center it.

one of the forms of putting an image on the center is to add a class in wich the left-margin and right-margin make the image align, like this:

   margin-left:  200px;
   margin-right: 200px;

I don’t know if the number of pixels to align that image is 200, I have tried in my tribute page and it aligns with 700 but the number is probably going to vary because of the size of your image, so the pixels are around 200.

Thanks so much for the suggestion Rafa! what finally worked for me was using the text-centered class on the tag… like this:

  <div class="thumbnail text-center whitebg-img"><img src="">

Your welcome and I wish you good luck doing the tribute page, bye!