Tribute Page - Chadwick Boseman

I’ve completed my Tribute Page project which I decided to tribute to Chadwick Boseman (one of my most favorite Marvel actors). I’ve spent a week on it and I’m quite happy with the results. I’ve also added some javascript into the page. I’d love some feedback and your thoughts on it!

Chadwick Boseman Tribute Page
Source Code


I’m no moderator here, but I think it’s not the right category and you should instead use the “Code Feedback” category for this kind of posts.

That being said, I still took the time to browse the code and the page, and here is my feedback.

  • About your HTML and general structure, there is nothing much to say, it’s very good apart from the use of onclick="" which, being very practical I’ll give you that, has its limits when it comes to readability of the code and performance. It highly decreases both of those and I’d recommend you to use event listeners instead.
  • For the CSS and styling, you put a lot of efforts into it, you seem to know your stuff, from choosing colours to typography, animations and layout. Your CSS file is huge, and you could certain replace some CSS animations with Javascript for better performance, but I don’t know if you’re a beginner or advanced, so I’ll take it as good for practicing and learning.
  • The Javascript is light, but efficient, great point on the way you organised it because it can go messy fairly easily and you managed to keep it readable. Add those event listeners to replace the onclick="" and it will be perfect.
    Above all, best practices are respected, there’s still a little bit of work for accessibility (yeah, screen readers are a pain in the ass but it’s 2024 :confused:), and performance will be improved by using more Javascript animations and event listeners.
    It’s way above what freeCodeCamp asks from you, and I don’t know how long you’ve been coding, but keep up the good work!

If I find time to explore more in depths your code, I will edit that message for it to be more clear and detailed!

Oh, That was a complete mistake! I meant to put this into the “Code Feedback” category. Shall I respost this? I can’t seem to edit it.

On the other hand, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to look through all my source code. I really appreaciate your detailed tips & thoughts. They’re really helpful! I’ve been learning CSS, HTML & Java for about… 2-3 months on-and-off now. I’ve watched lots of youtube videos and learned quite a bit (at least that’s what I feel like). I’d put myself into the begginer category. I didn’t know / think about a lot of the things you’ve pointed out.

I am moving this to the Code Feedback category for you @Joseph1205 !

Well done on completing your Tribute Page!