How much code is too much for a project?

Just a quick question.

I recently finished my tribute page project and have now started my Techincal Documetaion project.

Original Problem ( Solved )

I was just wondering if there’s a set bar for how much “code” is required for a project. Because, my tribute page was absolutely massive (at least to me).

I wrote about 1K lines of CSS, 500 lines of HTML and even a bit of JS reaching 100 lines.

I’m not sure if I “over did it” but I just wanted to make sure and ask the community what they thought about it.

For anyone’s interest, here’s the post where I presented my Tribute page project:

The goal is to learn. If you get excited about a project and keep taking it further, learning and practicing more coding skills, then that’s a good thing.


I’m a coding newbie, so maybe I’m not the best of judges, but to me, your Tribute Page project not only looks good, it made me read about Chadwick Boseman.

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Hey, Thanks @Isabella_NYC

Coding expert or not, I appreciate the feedback and the time you took to actually read it!!

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That sets things right! Thanks @ArielLeslie !

Just a quick feedback on the page itself @Joseph1205

The transition from timeline to the statement from his family covers up parts of the last timeline entry, making it slightly harder to read. That’s a very minor issue, but something that could be cleaned up.

There’s also an unexpected behaviour if you hover the bottom border of the Marvel Studios statement where it will rapidly jump up and down a line as it’s trying to determine the correct spacing between words. I’ve been able to easily replicate this in Opera, Firefox, Chrome and Edge.

Other than that, your project is beautiful. Never feel like you’re putting in too much code as you’re learning.

Wow! :+1: I don’t know whether that’s too much code or not,
but that tribute page blew my mind. @Joseph1205

Thanks @Camper_404 !!
I appreciate your feedback! :tada: