How much time is usually dedicated to building the Tribute Page?

I am new to this program and enjoying it very much. I have approached the Tribute Page project. I’ve designed a pretty simple one that looks similar to the example page provided. (Here it is if you would like to see: ).

Looking through this forum I see some that seem to have a lot more going on than mine. They also are incorporating some code that I am unfamiliar with and haven’t seen in this course yet. Should I be looking to use things that haven’t been covered through my own research or try to stick to practicing what has been taught in the challenges so far?

I’m not looking to do the bare minimum nor to spend way more time on something than I really should be. So my question is, what is a good measure of time spent or level of coding that should be achieved by doing this project. I’m not sure if I’m wording this properly, just mainly looking for some feedback on how in depth this project should be. I want to do a good job but also not try to get too far ahead of myself as I am brand new to this. Any feedback would be appreciated!

I would really not go to big on the tribute page. It is just to make you familiar with bootstrap and making a webpage. That said, further on (for example the portfolio page) you will need more than what FCC teaches you. FCC teaches you the basics and it is up to you to find additional resources ( just search this form if you need a starting point ).

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Don’t waste your energy/time on it if you don’t feel like it. There’s no obligation to make a crazy good looking tribute page ( although it’s always fun to see the results of people going far and beyond).

Go on with the course and give your all once the JS projects come in. Once you’re fluent with CSS and JS, fix up the tribute page and portfolio again. I recently remade my portfolio page after finishing the front end certificate, and it’s honestly a great experience to see how much you’ve grown.

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I agree with mods :wink:

Tribute page is like warm up to learn how to use CodePen.

I see a lot of campers are too focused on the tribute page - trying to improve it although it is already good enough. They would be better just submit it and move on instead of spending days (weeks?) trying to make it pixel perfect.

So my advice - make minimum, move on and after a couple of projects come back and remake it. You’ll be surprised how fast you’ll be able to hack together simple tribute page.

I looked at your project and it fulfills user stories, so technically you can submit it and move on to the portfolio project and come back later and make it responsive and mobile friendly :slight_smile:

Same with portfolio - first version will be bad. Accept it. Don’t stress over it. Submit what you have and move on to the next projects. Your portfolio should be constant work in progress. After each completed project you should return to your portfolio and upgrade it.


Here’s another opinion from a different thread, reads like a poetry :joy::


It’s pretty much already been said but if you see someone’s tribute page and it looks like a work of art, it’s likely they made a first version then came back 6 months later when they’d learned how to do more fancy things and updated the page so it looks better in their profile :slight_smile: I purposefully made mine very clean and simple tho because I don’t want everything I build to all look complex, dynamics ftw! My tribute page>


@Cytronix777 I really like that gif! I have a quick question. On yours the text for the bullet list and the bullet list heading seem to be responsive to a smaller window size. When I make the window smaller on mine, the text bleeds out of the black background. I am going through both of our codes but I can’t seem to find what I’m missing. Any thoughts? Mine again:

Just looked at your page and it all looks fine so I guess you figured it out! lol :slight_smile: All about dem containers :wink: good job!