Feedback on my Tribute Page . . . that really isn't a tribute

Hi, I’d like some feedback on my Tribute Page assignment.

I didn’t really do a tribute to a person. I did a tribute to the organization I work for. It is very simple.

I tried a lot of different things I learned at freecodecamp. Some of which I deleted and reformatted. I figured the real point of the assignment was to experiment with what you learned and try to find out and use a few things you didn’t know.

If I am wrong about this, will I have to redo the project? I wondered if this project was going to be reviewed by anyone or if it is just us clicking on the button and moving on.

Anyway, any comments would be appreciated.


Hey Elizandro!!!

Good job on the Tribute page!!!

Very clean and good job presenting the information.

I would suggest incorporating some more CSS into your page. You are using it to align your things and using Bootstrap, but use some CSS specifically to add more style to your page.

Anyway, good job completing the project and keep working hard and learning new things!!!