Tribute page done - feedback appreciated

Hey there fellow Campers,

I’ve finished the first project challenge, and would love to have some feedback on the result.

I’ve always liked the revealing scrolling background (not sure what’s the official term for this though),
and wanted to include it to give it a try, and to play around with it so I get to understand it better.

Still on the beginning of the journey, so later on I’ll revisit this to make it more responsive on different
resolutions - right now if I play around with rescaling the browser, I’m not perfectly satisfied with the
result, so going to check out the beta course again for this part.

Pretty cool design. If I had to critique I’d say the text needs spiced up a bit.

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Nice Work. I haven’t seen any rescaling problem.

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really cool!

I’ll try to be inspired instead of intimidated as i work on mine haha


Thanks! :slight_smile:
Will to check out some more Google Font families and styling options.

Hey Manuj,
Thanks for the feedback!
What I don’t like for example is: if you resize the width of the browser, the title will change its relative position to the background image of the first section (so Ronnie’s name will start to move around). I’ll check some documentation about positioning, and will see what I could use to fix that.

Hey Adament,

Thanks for your reply!

You can get lots of inspiration and working examples if you take a look around codepen - huge amount of projects tagged with freecodecamp, this is what I searched for also. I really like this kind of ‘scrolling reveal background’ stuff, so I checked out the code of already existing pens and live pages, and read the documentation of the different CSS properties that are utilized to achieve it.
What I also learned/realized is that you don’t need to get intimidated - break up the problem you’re trying to solve or the result you’re aiming for into smaller parts, and tackle them one by one. Small steps, big progress after a while.
(And I really hope that I can live by the advice I’m giving here later on during the upcoming projects as well :slight_smile: )

You can fix it by tweaking the position property of #title and its parent element. It would be easier for you to understand and fix them, if you style them from scratch without using bootstrap.

Thanks for the tip, Manuj. I’ve seen that the beta course indeed focuses on more vanilla CSS instead of bootstrap, to get a more fundamental understanding of the concepts I guess. I’ll try to rebuild this w/o bootstrap, sounds like a good learning opportunity.