Tribute Page Done! Stress Level 6 LOL

Hey guys! I just got done with my first tribute page! I definitely sprung 2 gray hairs trying to figure out the centering. Everything isn’t perfect but I’d love your feedback. Also, can anyone tell me why my footer is inside the jumbotron(I think) instead of seperated at the bottom? TIA

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Do you have a link to your Codepen page?

I think you’re so stressed you forgot a link! Hahaha, it’s very normal.

Hahah!!! That’s Crazy! It’s there now. LOL:joy:

And I just realized while trying to work on the portfolio project that I need to link to the bootstrap CDN. I don’t know why I thought it was already apart of codepen.

Ah, so you recreated the demo tribute page from scratch? I was confused at first since it was almost identical (I think most people end up choosing a different person and designing their own page). You did a good job of recreating it! I would encourage you on future tutorials to try to develop your own style and design, the purpose of the activities is for you to be comfortable with getting general guidelines and using the skills you’ve learned to build something completely new :).

In terms of feedback with the actual tribute page the only concern I’d have is that on small devices the timeline gets pushed to the right:


I was kinda afraid to do anything else because I had no idea what I was doing so I went with replicating. I didn’t even think of the responsive aspect of it. I just couldn’t figure out the centering of it. Thank you for your feedback!