Tribute Page - Elon musk Feedback

Any Constructive Feedback would be great. This is my second Tribute Page


  • The page is now responsive(feedback if you find some error. thanks) :slight_smile:

If you are curious, then take a look at my First Tribute Page About Nikola Tesla

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very nice on both.

my only advice (re: the elon musk site) is to add more contrast between the text and the background for colorblind users. especially the black text on the blue background.

have you tried white text? or maybe an off white?

Thanks for the feedback, the white text works :slight_smile:

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Seems pretty good @Mensah92 :smiley:

My suggestions:

  • Search how to make the background image of Elon Musk occupy the visible area, something like this:
  • On the companies descriptions and the about section, I’d add paragraphs instead on a single one. It’s easier to read.
  • You can add a website button at the end of each company to make your page more functional :wink:
  • Learn more is difficult to know that it’s a button, due to the color contrast and only having a outline when hover. I’d add a border always, just like your name at the bottom :slight_smile:

The Page is not fully responsive Yet.

  • That’s what’s really missing here :wink:

Hope it helps :smiley:

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Thanks for the feedback @alexiorodrigues :slight_smile:
Great help :smiley: - I will make the website responsive and after that, I will look at your suggestions. :wink: