Tribute Page of Elon Musk

Hey everyone!
This is my first ever web development project. Constructive criticism is very much appreciated.

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Really Impressive for your first ever web dev project! I like how you sectioned the page into logic blocks and chose appealing colors/fonts. Keep it up!

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There’s 1 test failing: The element should be centered within its parent element.
To fix that, add margin: auto; to your #image style.

I think your colors and fonts are interesting. The glowing effect by using a white box-shadow for the image is really cool! The gradient in the title border is also an interesting idea.

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I really like the design of the border elements and the colors for background look great. I’m jealous of your first project!

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Thanks a lot for you feedback.This has given me a big motivation to do better. I wish to develop it further as I keep learning .

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Yeah fixed that error. Now all my tests are running fine. I choose those colors using the color picker. Tried different combination of them and this really worked out well. Thanks a lot for you feedback.

I am so glad you liked it.

Hey there,

great work so far!

My ideas:

  • the About section at the bottom is hard for me to read, because the space to the border is very small
  • you can increase the readability of your code by 1. clicking on the small arrow on the right side of the code box and 2. clicking Format HTML/CSS

Keep us posted!

Thank you so much for your suggestions , I have updated it accordingly.

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