Tribute page failed test

After doing all requesting point i can’t figure out what’s wrong with my code. I need a help please, here is my codePen :

My test result is 9/10.

Friend you have misunderstood the work. It’s not about making a copy of the example, but about creating your own. I’ll give you some examples:

that’s the job of someone to help her with advice

Now I will send you the work that I present at the beginning:

It is in Spanish but you just have to observe the code to guide you.

if you click on 9/10 you can see the failed user story, and below it an error message that is often useful

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I will give you another more recent example.

this would be the second version of my tribute page. This if it is responsive Web Design, it took me a long time to understand the concept. I started it with a resolution of 320px of “width” which is what devices like moto G7 plus use as “breaks Point”, and I scaled to 360px, 480px, 640px, 768px (ipad), 960px, 1024px (width of the ipad and others), 1280px, 1440px and end with 1600px. I hope you analyze it and can help you.

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Thanks as a real novice i didn’t notice that tips . I have found my error now

Thanks for your response i figure it out now