Tribute Page - Feed back pls

Hello All,

I’ve just complete my tribute page. Any feed back would be very much appreciated.
Its very rough and I think I’ve missed a few things. Appreciate any help.

Thank you all for taking time to comment.

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Hello @j.freesir! You’re page seems to display well on my iPhone (haven’t checked laptop). I would however recommend a couple things.

  1. Having all of your paragraphs centered is not how we normally read. I would recommend positioning the text to the left, or if you want make it justified.

  2. The html needs some cleaning up. There are a lot of tags that haven’t been closed properly. Use the html analyze tool which is located in the drop down at the top of the html box. It will show you what is missing. You can also use the html format tool to format the markup.

Nice job on this project!

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