Tribute Page - Feedback and Help

Hey freecodecamp!
I made my “first draft” of my tribute page today, and I want to get some feedback on how I could change it to be more aesthetically pleasing. I also was wondering if anyone knew how I could add some buttons in the top right of the tribute page that would allow people to navigate through the page. For example I would have “intro”,“timeline”,and “learn more” buttons that would take you to different parts.
Thanks guys,

I played around with it. All I could do is fix it so that’s at least a bit more responsive. Currently, it’s not responsive at all. I edited your code and removed the box and replaced it with container/jumbotron and that improved it 100%. Is there such a thing as a box in Bootstrap? You didn’t have Bootstrap added to the Behavior Settings. I recommend learning how to comment your end div tags because I couldn’t tell which was which. Take the CSS out up top and put it in CSS file.