**Tribute page feedback appreciated

Greetings, I would love any suggestions/comments/feedback.



Hi there,

Good job on finishing the project and props for doing your own CSS instead of relying on a framework!

I would recommend brushing up on the design aspect of your page.

Using blue on green is a bit harsh on the eyes and makes it difficult to read. Try googling “material design palettes” to find a colour scheme that you like.

I would also look into finding a set of fonts that complement each other.

Also, the text doesn’t always fit in the box. What you could do is nest the text inside of a div and add some padding.

I hope that I wasn’t too critical. Thank you for sharing your project!

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Thank you very much for takkng the time to give such awsome feedback. I will be following your helpful recommendations.

Thanks again!

You’re welcome Meadows1, good luck on your future projects!