Tribute Page - Feedback is greatly appreciated

I have completed my first project and would love to hear some feedback. Some constructive, brutally honest, feedback is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

***Edit I am working on the mobile version.

Hi Marcelo, it looks like you’ve got the important parts.

I would have some space, padding, between the edge and the text.

It’s funny how the page floats side to side on my iPad. Why does it do that?

I just submitted my Tribute Page:

Hello @hilary0 thank you for the feedback! I actually re-did the project and updated the link. The new link is Now it should display fine on your iPad. I added more styling elements and fixed the spacing.

I viewed your tribute page and looks like you have the fundamentals as well. I would suggest maybe adding more CSS to your page. Otherwise looks good!

Nice job! Obama sure looks good there!