Can someone give me feedback on my tribute page?

Great page, responsive :slight_smile:

There might be an issue with the footer however, some of the wording was being cut off when I tried mobile, this might be code pen however. I like the second large image but the top image could use some work, or perhaps you could put more focus on the name rather than having a bar. With that being said, the top image does add nice framing.

Muhammed Ali was a legend, cool stuff !

Thanks a lot for the response, I’m always so curious if I should move on to work on the other projects, or keep trying to improve my tribute page until I’m truly happy with it :thinking:

Codepen assumes your HTML code is already inside your body tag. Move anything else into the settings or remove it completely. On iOS I was able to drag the entire page use containers or bootstrap’s responsive classses to give a modern look.

Its look great. but on mobile device some of the text arr cut. the solution of this problem is try to wrap everything in inside div