A feedback on my tribute page

Pls kindly go through my tribute page and give me advice on it. This is the link to the page https://codepen.io/Gideonite/full/XwZmNY. Thank you

Looks pretty good! Well done. Few suggestions.

  • It’s good to cite source of your quote.
  • On mobile screen, make your texts strecth longer especially bullet points.


In addition to @shimphillip 's advice I would also do the following:

Decrease your left and right margins when viewed on a mobile device, right now you are only using ~60% of the screen width.
Increase the size of your image when viewed on a mobile device.

Thank you for your advice

@Gideonite Nice page!

Here are some things you can change.

  • It is better not to use the * + * universal selector. It will have an effect on everything. Some items will not need it.
  • Remove the padding-left from the ul element.
  • Remove a lot of the padding in mobile view because it shrinks the content too much. You want the content to take up as much of the screen as possible for mobile devices since there is not that much space available. View this image at 450px width: