Tribute page feedback (Japan)

Hello fellow coders,

My name is Steven and i am busy learning to code with html and css.

The problem is, i cannot get my image to resize and act responsive. Any help or advice in structuring my code will be appreciated a lot since i am struggling mostly on positioning and making things responsive.
I know that i need to wrap it in a container and apply attributes to it. But i think that i am doing something wrong because i can’t seem to get it right.

Here is a link to my codepen:
Codepen Japan tribute page



you can get image to resize and responsive by applying html and css code

<img src="nature.jpg" alt="Nature" class="responsive">
.responsive {
  width: 100%;
  height: auto;
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set #image to display : block ; margin : auto

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Thanks, this is the solution. I knew i was missing something in my code.
I really have to dig in to reading about positioning a lot to understand it fully.

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