Tribute Page Feedback Please

So I’m new here and have just made it to the Tribute Page project. I would greatly appreciate any feedback. The link. Thanks in advanced :slight_smile:

Not bad. You might want to run a quick spellcheck.

Wow that embarrassing, lol. Thanks

I think it would look better if the height of the article box is the same as the height of the thumbnails box. Maybe it’s just my OCD tendencies.

hey buddy … center your hero image of stephen hawking also the paragraph around the image is not good …
suggestions :
add center-block class to your image to center it and place the paragraph containing the image in a grid to remove the extra space on the left … Happy coding :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback.
@rahildar I fixed the problem with the main image not being centered on larger screens. I also just removed the div (paragraph?) that it was contained in. I do think it looks better that way.
@lleander I agree with you about the thumbnail box being the same size as the main text however the size of the box and images is determined by the size of the screen its being viewed from. So I have no idea how or if this could be done. Any tips?

Maybe it’s just me, but I think it would look better if your footer was centered as well. It just seems off to be aligned to the left, but that could just be me. o_O

I agree, it looks better that way. Thanks for the tip.

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