Tribute Page Feedback/Reviews

I just completed the tribute page challenge and I would really appreciate reviews. The link is

This is a great tribute. Interesting that you have all the dates as A.D., though.

I really like it, and the fonts used as well! Congrats!

Thank you for the replies. I’m still struggling to decide on which color scheme to use though. I think it will look better with a bit of color.
I can’t seem to get rid of the excessive white space on the mobile version though. I heard flexbox would help. I haven’t tried it though.
Any tips?

You’ve clearly messed something up after 1901 A.D because it repeats years before.

I’d not touch the color scheme, but just put some nice unobtrusive background image instead.

The picture is too big in my opinion

Wow… thank you. Didn’t notice that. Would fix it ASAP