Tribute Page Feedback test

Hi Everyone!
I’ve just completed my tribute page test. I would appreciate any feedback.

Hello ibrahim! I’ve seen already your tribute page. It meets all the requiremens specified, I like very much that you chose Steve Jobs like your tribute. Apart, I think that you have to give some colors and other styles to the page for be more attractively to the visitors, but is only a opinion. Also I like the minimalistyc styles to. So Congrats and keep coding =)
May the Force with you.

I think it’s really good, but it lacks character. Give it a you feeling instead of being generic . i am talking about fonts , colors-unless you were already going for that minimalist theme- and so on. otherwise , it works really good and does its job.

@amrentamos @asddds882 @BoCode84
Thank you for the feedback. It’s my first page and so kept it simple so I can focus more on the coding/syntax etc… but will definitely edit once I become more confident.

Hi @ibrahim_aq
I have to say I like that you picked Steve Jobs
What I would do, maybe, is put some coloring in it.
Apple was always known for colors and designing so why not add that aspect since you are talking about Founder of Apple.

Your page looks good @ibrahim_aq. Some things to revisit;