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Hello there, I was hoping i could get some more clarification on the tribute page … What can be changed and what should be changed… If any of you has done the tribute page on Dr. Norman Borlaug please give me a little clarification on how to do the project to pass the tribute page tests on the code pen editor… Here is my tribute page and how i thought it is acceptable to look like cause i didnt want to copy the given test page but i also did everything according to the user story…

Hi @abdullahjaphet !

That was the right choice.
You shouldn’t copy the samples.
The samples are just to give you an idea of what the page could look like.
But you did the right thing by making your own page.

You are currently failing one test.
Open up the test suite and read the full error message on how to fix the issue.

Thanks for your reply it really cleared my doubts. But i dont know where to view the error messages on the test suite … can you explain to me how to find the error messages… And also my tribute page only had nine user stories . So perharps it is a case of missing a user story rather than having an error.

There are 9 user stories but 10 tests.
They give you a point for starting the project.

When you click on the red test button it will show you the error messages.

Thank you … I just finished. wow, that took alot of time but i wouldnt have finished it without your help thanks alot …

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