Tribute page help - remove gap between divs?


Working on my very first project, I cant seem to remove the ‘gap’ between these two divs:

Feel free to comment/give feedback on anything else also, its a working progress but i’d love some feedback!

Before I provide an answer, have you tried using the dev tools that come with your browser? The inspect element tool provides a lot good information about your elements.

It provides a layout model as well as the current css selectors which are associated with the element. Try bringing it up (ctrl+alt+k for firefox or ctrl+alt+j for chrome) and use the Inspector tool on the h1 tag with the class project-name and see if you can spot the culprit with the gap.

Hi Dan,

Thanks for pointing me in the the right direction, I used the dev tools as you suggested and ended up adding margin:0px; which has solved the issue.

I’m a complete beginner at this but really enjoying this first project- I’m learning so much!

Appreciate the help :grinning:

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C’mon now, let’s use some constructive criticism here.

No problem! You find out quickly how useful the tool is in your work!

Moving your buttons on hover like that is bad idea. You should consider alternatives. Here is why:
I am not clicking it.
Also, I agree that your CSS is bloated. I see there transitions and animations that are not even used, but still placed on components for no reason.

This isn’t constructive criticism. You literally poked holes into this poor guy’s ability at the beginning of your post.