Tribute Page: image issue

Hi, so I am trying to insert an image and I have tried multiple different images, but none of them are actually showing. Also, at the end of my page, I am trying to make the “here” text into a button that takes you to the link. Any answers on what I’m doing wrong?

Hey @nataliehill405!

You misspelled src in the image tag. Also try copying the image address for the photo.

<img id="image" src="" alt="j.cole pic">

If you use this code it should work.

Don’t forget to add the test suite to the project.

Also, for your link at the end, you currently have:


That should be href="">

I completely missed that misspell lol. Thank you so much! So, is the image address different then taking the URL of the link from google?

Yeah you just want to copy the actual image address and it will work.

Thank you for your help!

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