Tribute page image

Can someone advise please on how I can get an image from google drive into codepen? Thx.

I didnt try but it looks straightforward


U need to

Google Drive
Open the Google Drive app.
Next to the filename, tap More More icon.
Tap Share link.
Tap Copy to clipboard or choose a location to share the link to, including Gmail, Hangouts, and Google+.
If you copied the link to your clipboard, paste the link in an email or any place you want to share it.


Set src of img to this link gathered from drive

If the images that you want to use are on internet paste directly the link on <img src="HERE"> tag.

Good Luck!

I had problems with Google Drive myself.
The link they give you is fine, but the image is embedded on their page.

To get the actual image, you would need to get its URL address by right clicking on it and selecting the relevant option. However that address would change after a couple of hours / days since they move it around in the cloud.

So I eventually downloaded the image and uploaded it to
Never had problems since.

appreciate your responses. will try those options. thx.