Guys please how do i link up an image in my folder to my tribute project?

<img scr="?"
please help me out here.

Could you give more details in what you want to do?

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I’m guessing what you mean, but, it depends on your file structure.
Just a couple of examples using jpg as the extension.

If images are in the same (root) folder as the web page file:
<img src="image.jpg">

If my images are in a different folder inside the root folder:

<img src="images/image.jpg">

But, if you use Code Pen, you’ll need to upload your images there as well, or host them on a different server. If you host on a different server, you’ll use the URL of the image.
<img src="">

Thanks alot.
Any idea as to how i can upload an image on codepen?

Pay for CodePen Pro or get some cheap / free webhosting and link to your images using the url,
or you can try these search results. Qwant is a privacy-focused search engine.

You can put the image on Google Drive, right click on it and get the shareable link of the picture.
The url will be something like this:
When you put the url in the src attribute of the img element, change the “open” in the url into “uc”, making it:

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