Tribute Page - img alignment trouble

Hello - I’d appreciate your guidance on how to remedy two troubles with the image:
(but first, please know this site is still very much a DRAFT, maybe 30% complete)

  • trouble #1 - img is not centered
  • trouble #2 - img container is wider than the other three containers

I’ve read Bootstrap doc and searched google for assistance. Doing this helped fix a few other troubles, but I’m unable to solve the image alignment on my own.

link to Pen - [Johnny Cash Tribute]

Thank you for your time and assistance,

#img div{
  margin:0 auto;

try adding the code above to your css, is this the effect you were trying to achieve?

Edit :
For the 2nd trouble try adding the margin:0 to your #img id also

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dear @rizvanadnan
You provided solutions to both issues! Thank you!

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