Tribute page please tell me what you think about my tribute page

please tell me what you think about my tribute page

I think it’s fine nice work with the gradient background. I would make sure your code lines up properly, comments are erased if they are not needed and just get in a habit of making the code look nice and clean.

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I think you did fantastic job at keeping the page looking sleek and neat! I love what you did with the navigation bar on the top and think you did a good job with the sections.

However, I do think that there should be more alignment between elements on the page:

Nice job with the page!!

Nicely done with the nav bar! I think the second photo is a little bit too large, because I have to scroll through it in order to see the whole thing. Nice clean layout.

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Nice job. I like the navbar and the layout is very clean and simple.

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thanks for your feedback i have aligned it…

I thought it was nice, but when I tried to go back to it, it says the index.html file is missing.

Are you working on it?

hi helen sorry about that… i was trying to make some adjustment…my first time using so it kind of got complicated… but the html file is available now. u can check it out nd tell me wat u think

How do I put a link to my tribute page in a help message?

My text is overlapping, I tried flex box, media query and mega tag, nothing works. I think it’s something in my main id. Please help

Your is missing. If you add it it will help the overlap.

closing h2 is what I meant to say