Tribute Page problem with presentation <p> elements

I am currently doing my tribute page and I have become a bit stuck with the

section which looks really messy and I am unsure on how to proceed. Maybe start again using flex-box elements?
I know its quite basic, now I have seen other peoples!! I feel like starting again, does anyone have any pointers on how to make this better?
Thank you!

hi @RosaPo3a , Can you tell exactly you encounter or what exactly you wanna do?

I don’t like how the writing looks. I feel it needs to be ordered in a block, I tried in-line block but it didn’t do anything.

@RosaPo3a , the issue is in the css… Because css is cascade styling the html file, if you re styling an element all his children will inherit this style.
For your case you do this : `
text-align: center; for html, body


elements will have the same text disposition… to avoid this you have to style the p element. For exemple : p{text-align: left;}


also, you can simply center exactly the elemnt you want being centered by removing the text-align for the html,body selector

Thank you!
I thought it was a problem like this, I thought I had tried this solution earlier and it didn’t work , but I must have done something wrong.
Awesome thank you for your time!

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