Tribute Page (Project Feedback)

Hey I just finished the tribute page and was looking for some feedback. It is awful on mobile so I’m still looking into that but here you go

first off, great subject for a tribute.

As you mentioned, your tribute page is not responsive, but as a first project, that’s not that important.
Here are a few pointers:

  • I would make sure the font size is reasonable and readable for everything on the page. There are some inconsistencies throughout your page. For example, at the bottom, the “For more information…” is abnormally large and should be scaled down. On the other hand, the text under the name George Carlin is far too small.

  • Add a bit more style to the page. Choose a cool font, throw some color into it, style the list you created

Simple and constructive feedback.

Thank you, that’s what I need.