Tribute Page-Project(HTML-CSS)

Hey Guys, I just finished my Tribute Page Project. I would like you all to see it and let me know how I can improve it. Let me know my mistakes .
Thank you!..

@jainkarishma76 I like this a lot! I like how it’s already fairly mobile friendly when you decrease the viewport size. Also, it’s very minimalist - I feel like that’s very ‘Apple’-like.

A few ideas for edits (that you do not need to implement if you don’t want to, seeing as it passes all the tests):

  • Make the picture have soft edges like Apple.
  • Introduce a media query to your page for good practice. Adjust the font size and page for a typical iPhone 12 screen. Google should have some general pixel sizes for various viewports.

Keep going! This was fun to look at.

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Okay. I will try to implement these ideas. Thank you so much!.

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