Tribute Page Project Need Your Feedback

Hello everyone,
Please check my Tribute Page

@Atalash Well done on completing the tribute page man, It looks neat and clean and responds really well.

It’s something very minor, but personally I’d put a bit of margin above and below the main picture just to space it out a little bit.

Both your html and css is easily readable, Great work!

@ollyhub Thanks for feedback i made the changes when you got time please have a look, :slight_smile:

@Atalash Good Job.
I like how you did the filmography and the image beside - looking at your code I got a better understanding of how the whole grid thing works. It’s been a bit bewildering for me.
I didn’t use the CSS window for mine (as I am a complete newb) so it was interesting looking at what you have done. I think I need to learn to use the CSS more.
Last thought - Dwayne is a big guy!

Thanks for comment @Arthurauthor