Tribute page project. This was a great exercise!

Hello! I have just finished a tribute page project. Tried to do something Harry Potter-related. Not the biggest fan but still :slight_smile: How do you like it? Tried to work with a CSS grid in order to make a gallery. I have learned rows and columns and how to make an image span over two sections etc but still couldn’t make sense concerning alignment when gaps are introduced. So, unfortunately, I have a gallery without any gaps. I loved working on this. I’m excited to share this with you!

Here is Codepen link:

you can share your work with, github pages it will be easier to check live website.

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Oh, thank you, I forgot to add that. Right away :slight_smile:

Great job, keep building more projects from Frontend Mentor | Challenges to improve upon and solidify HTML, CSS skills before your jump into JS ship.

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