Hogwarts Houses! --Tribute project feedback-- What I learned

Hi fellow campers,
I started learning web development 3 weeks ago and I’ve just finished the tribute project. Here’s a link to my codepen: http://codepen.io/larscodus/full/MJEPMb/

I’d love to get some feedback on my design and code. This is actually second draft on this project. When I finished the first draft, it looked ok but I knew the way I did my layout wasn’t right. It really bugged me knowing my code for layout was janky and that I didn’t fully understand how to make elements show up where I wanted them to or respond to a browser the way I wanted them too.

So I spend about 2 days learning hard about page layouts with CSS. I learned about display, position, float, clear, margins, and padding. I even started learning about flexbox. Screwing up the on the first draft was really valuable for me because it forced me to go learn and understand basic layouts using CSS. In the end, I used a

for my grid design and it worked great, I think. Compared to my first draft, this refactor is simpler, cleaner, and effective.

Anyway, please take look and let me know what you think or teach me something new.


Looks fantastic and your approach to learning will take you far very quickly !

Looks great! I’m just about to go back and fix my tribute page as I was not happy how it turned out first time too!